Green Energy Strategy

Developing green energy projects and helping organizations through funding and/or partnerships.

As producers navigate through the changing tides of hydrocarbon and the evolving market of green energy opportunities, it’s often challenging for the producers to make the transition utilizing in-house resources for project development. This is often complicated by 3rd party project developers not having the ability to bring these projects to the table in a “Shovel ready” condition or understanding how projects are developed from the oil and gas companies’ perspective. Because of our team’s vast experience in developing projects for the oil and gas industries, as well as our teams experience with green energy technology, we at 3 Rivers Energy know how to take a project from the “idea” stage and make it “shovel ready” for approval process and then complete the project. Whether it’s a hydrogen plant, renewable diesel, renewable natural gas, hydro-electric plant, or any other form of green energy, we have the resources to vet the project and complete it.

3 Rivers Energy Advantages


3 Rivers Energy funding for nearly any energy related project. Our funding development is very flexible and can come in several different forms, from full asset funding to a 3rd party developer, or in the form of partnerships organizations. It can also be in any combination of both funding and partnership.

Project Availability

We frequently have several projects “shovel ready” or very close to “shovel ready” that are actionable and vetted to bring to the table. If you’re under a time crunch to have a green energy project executed, chances are we have something for you.


Often an organization needs to take advantage of the changing tides in green energy opportunities and get involved for a whole host of reasons. Our partnerships allow for several advantages:

  1. Even though the carbon credits have some value, they aren’t as important to us as they may be to your company. Our partnerships allow you to gain by the carbon credits or offsets gained by the project.
  2. You may want ownership or partial ownership without the burden of having to deal with operations. We can develop projects where 3 Rivers Energy maintains full operational responsibility.
  3. Because 3 Rivers Energy has the capital availability to fully fund any of these projects, we can maintain a capital investment in the project proportionate to any level of ownership. You’ll have the comfort of knowing that “we” as your partner have real “skin in the game.”