Jerry Barkley

Director of Carbon Scoring

Jerry Barkley is an accomplished professional with an extensive educational background and a wealth of experience across various industries. As the Director of Carbon Scoring, Jerry brings his ISCC Auditor Certification and impressive academic achievements, which include BS degrees in Mathematics, Physics, and Geophysics, as well as an MA in Science Education in Physics, all from Western Michigan University (WMU).

Having served as a Professor of Mathematics Emeritus at Glen Oaks Community College for 23 years, Jerry’s expertise in mathematical and statistical knowledge is unquestionable. In addition to his work in academia, Jerry has demonstrated his business acumen by owning and operating Kelsey Block Brewing Company.

Over the past decade, Jerry has been working as a private consultant in mathematics, statistics, and environmental services, showcasing his hands-on experience in various fields. He is known for his creative problem-solving abilities, adaptability, and exceptional data analysis skills. Jerry’s unique combination of high-level mathematical knowledge, business operations experience, and eagerness to learn and apply new skills to real-world problems make him an invaluable asset to the 3 Rivers Energy Partners team.

Jerry Barkley Portrait
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