3 Rivers Energy Partners

Empowering organizations with the ability to create a sustainable future.

From Hydrocarbon to Green Energy, we bridge the gaps.

Developing green energy projects and helping companies transition to more renewable energy.

Companies entering into the renewable space for the first time struggle to navigate the changing tides of hydrocarbon and the evolving market of green energy opportunities; it’s often challenging for these companies to transition  utilizing in-house resources for new “green” project development without the  experience and connections needed to operate in this complex industry. 3 Rivers Energy’s Founder’s vast experience in developing projects for the oil and gas industries, as well as our teams, experience with green energy technology, gives us the unique ability to bring green energy projects to the table in a “shovel ready” condition. We at 3 Rivers Energy provide a unique opportunity into the renewable space, managing the project from the ideation to completion and operation.
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Who We Are

3 Rivers Energy is a renewable energy developer that specializes in the creation of renewable natural gas (RNG). We work with companies to provide solutions that convert their bio-waste into renewable energy. We can take renewable energy projects from the “idea” stage to the “shovel ready” stage, to project completion to owner/operatorship.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be one of the world’s leading producers of renewables. We strive to empower companies with the ability to convert their bio-waste into renewable energy for a sustainable future.