What We Do

Our holistic approach

3 Rivers Energy Partners is a renewable energy company unlike most. We build, own, and operate our facilities. This approach allows us to solve our partners’ transition into a more sustainable future while giving them the ability to focus on doing what they do best instead of worrying about taking on new operations in an entirely different industry from their own.

Sustainability is about looking at the bigger picture, which is why our approach is not just holistic in a structural sense but also in how we approach the management and flow of project outputs, including our off-take and waste streams. Our goal is to help the organizations we work with, the communities in which they reside, and the planet as a whole. Our facilities use a natural process to create renewable energy; because of this, the byproduct of our facilities is a nutrient-rich natural fertilizer that can be utilized to fertilize the surrounding farmland. This regenerative agriculture practice helps the small family farms in the areas, spreading economic benefits into the surrounding communities.

Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) Facilities

Anaerobic Digester Process
Anaerobic Digester Process

Our RNG facilities consist of anaerobic digesters and a gas upgrading plant. The digesters intake waste (stillage) to utilize as a feedstock for the anaerobic digestion process. The digesters use a natural process in which microorganisms breakdown the feedstock and produce bio-gas and natural fertilizer. The bio-gas then goes through the gas upgrading plant to be refined into usable renewable natural gas (RNG).

Our goal with this process is to allow our feedstock partners to completing the nutrient life cycle of the crops used to make their products by taking their waste and using it to produce a renewable fuel and a nutrient-rich natural commercial fertilizer that can be used to replenish the surrounding farmland.