Our Strategy

A Full-Scale Top to Bottom Approach to Renewable Energy and Project Management.

Many developers in the energy sector fail to take into account the number and degree of challenges involved in successfully designing and implementing a workable commercial scale green strategy. From constantly shifting local and federal regulations and zoning restrictions, to swinging supply and demand trends in correlated off-take markets, a wide array of considerations must be made in order to effectively achieve these goals while adding value. Our strategy takes into account all of these factors, as well as organization-specific needs.

3 Rivers Energy was founded with a vast wealth of knowledge in energy sector projects, including oil and gas, as well as water disposal and the associated legislative process. This experience, combined with a team of financial and green tech experts, has given us a unique approach to facility ownership and organization that blends fiscal and environmental strategies

We employ a top down strategy that emphasizes communication and works to illuminate and address project hurdles as well as opportunities at the beginning, reducing potential risk. This is accomplished partly through a robust due diligence process, which includes analysis of the economic and engineering realities of each project. Additionally, we work to identify any potential opportunities for capital streams, environmental benefits, energy reduction and credit capture. 3 Rivers Energy Partners is then able to design a partnership strategy that takes into account all relevant design, build, operational and funding requirements.

3 Rivers Energy Partners Core Strengths


Renewable energy is moving quickly. At 3 Rivers Energy Partners, our streamlined process and proactive approach to problem solving allow us to stay ahead of changing legislative landscapes and volatile market forces. Many organizations are under deadlines to meet green goals, and they require a partner that can guide them swiftly through the process. We are that group.


Years of experience in the energy industry has led us to develop an organizational plan that alleviates many of the traditional burdens involved in project development and funding. As a design, build and own entity, our partners can feel confident that we will maintain operational awareness, and are truly invested in the long-term success of each facility.


3 Rivers Energy Partners is in the unique position of having secured funding for all of our foreseeable project scope. As such, when we come to the table we bring with us the security of knowing that we’ll be able to execute when the time comes to inject capital into the project. In addition to the quality and depth of operations this allows us to employ, we also consider our financial structuring a direct reflection of the level of confidence inherent in our partnerships.