John F. Rivers

Cofounder and CEO

John was the co-founder of Hillstone Environmental Partners and it was his fourth such successful start-up business in the Energy sector. Having started Hillstone in 2015 from scratch with zero accounts to its recent sale of the company for over $600MM, he has been able to secure long term agreements with several notable companies like Exxon, EOG, and Devon to name a few. One of his most recent infrastructure agreements generating an estimate of more than $1.2Billon and is considered to be one of the country’s largest of its kind.  John was instrumental in the company achieving recognition since its inception as one of the premier U.S. environmental water handling companies in the energy sector.

John’s insight in the Oil and Gas industry/Energy Sector earned him a congressional recommendation for a Presidential Appointed Position with the Department of Energy (DOE). As well as his work providing infrastructure to the energy sector, John has been involved in development of industrial-related energy products as well as aircraft design and manufacturing. At Nuverra Environmental Solutions and at AE2S, John created and negotiated freshwater pipeline projects that brought oil and gas companies together with local and state governments for their mutual benefit.

Advisory Positions

  • Recommended and considered for Presidential Appointed position with the Department of Energy.
  • Member of the Legislative Affairs Committee, N. Dakota Petroleum Council
  • U.S. delegate to Norway on energy & commerce
  • Advisor to FAA on financial market impact of pending legislation
  • Advisor to Bush administration’s OMB on financial impact of pending legislation
  • Advisor to U.S. Department of Transportation
  • Committee Member for Bush Administration 2001 Tax Reform
  • Director of Flight Operations for NASA Space Shuttle Columbia Recovery Efforts. (light aircraft)
John F Rivers
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