Jorge Pelaez


Jorge Pelaez is a distinguished veteran in the financial services industry with over 40 years of rich experience. As the Chief Capital Officer at 3 Rivers Energy Partners, he brings a deep well of knowledge in investment banking, particularly within the renewable energy and infrastructure sectors. His leadership at Chapin Davis as the SVP of Investment Banking has been marked by an impressive track record, overseeing transactions exceeding $1 billion in areas critical to sustainable development.

In previous roles, Jorge has showcased his financial acuity and strategic vision. At Janney Montgomery, he led the New York sales team with a keen focus on water infrastructure, industrials, and oil & gas. His tenure at Patriot Securities was notable for managing a high-volume Interest Rate Swap desk, with daily transactions averaging $1 billion and extending global financial services from Tokyo to London.

Jorge’s expertise is not confined to the corridors of high finance but also touches the future of energy. His role on the Drexel University Energy Advisory Board speaks to his commitment to guiding the energy sector’s evolution. At 3 Rivers Energy Partners, Jorge’s foresight and financial stewardship are invaluable assets in propelling the company toward a sustainable and prosperous future.

Jorge Pelaez
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